Cold day in Northern NB

A cold one today Northern N.B. I suspect, that it will rain this afternoon, and then for the next few days. We do need the rain, after all. The grass in my front lawn, has had a hard time in getting green or switching to a lovely green carpet.

The neighbor the other day, smiled when I made fun of my lawn. I said it looks like a rug from India. It has parched patches in it, as if it went through a severe drought. Dotting in between the green exterior canvas, all over the front lawn. I strongly believe, that the contractor did not give me, a good supply of top soil.

Even when he was dumping it, I asked to be sure if it was top soil. It looked like it was screened, as it was what I had originally asked for. But it looked, a little, too fine or something. But, not knowing the real deal, they spread it over the front of my lawn. The first year, not much will occur. You can seed it, and you may get a weak cover of green over it. If you hydro seed, then you probably will get a much better green to cover the gravel base.

I spread seed over it, and then watered it during the first year. I did roll it as well, and even raked it beforehand to make the grooves for the seed to fall in. The contractor did an excellent job in actually making the land flow towards the ditch, in which I directed.  4 years now past, and this has been a sour year for my front lawn again.

The back lawn, grows too fast. It grows every 4 days, to a great length. But I seen the difference in the soil in the back, as I hired a different supplier this time. It was darker, than the stuff I got in the front. So, I can tell you that if you dig earth somewhere under the grass, your soil should be in color comparable to that color, for top soil.

Now, to try to revive the front lawn, I will but a mixture of beer, soap, ammonia, molasses, and water and mix them up. I hate having to pour beer over my lawn! But, as the old adage says, it is good for even growing hair on your head!  Jerry Baker, Americas Master Gardener has the formulas. All in his book, called "Terrific Garden Tonics". From Gardening, to lawns, to anything green, he can change your thumb...

Enough said.. Off to make things, a little greener.. Till next time...


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