Book cover is in. Approved, to go.

The book cover came in from the publisher. They done a very good job, and put my name on the bottom of the cover, with the main logo on the top right of the back of the book, this time.  The first book had the main logo on the bottom back of the book.

On the back cover, a brief summary of the book. An author always hopes he hits the right cord, with the audience. I was hoping this was the case, as in Part 1. I sometimes feel I do not describe enough of what is in the book, or talk about the right elements, but a summary should be just a brief spiel about leading up to the main lingering problem in the book. Including some problems/ good times associated with it. Personally, I would not go beyond that. The climax should never be given away, in my opinion in the summary. I think I did a good job at hiding the climax, in both Part 1 and Part 2 of "The Supermarket Guy".  But all authors have their own way, of doing it. Intriguing the audience, just with the mere words on the back of a book. And many of course have it down to an art. With approximately 150 works for the main points at the start and middle of the book, it is quite a skill. I am unsure if I have done a good job, until several months after the release. The public always knows best.

The last part added to the book, is probably one I could do without. The authors biography. I talked about this a short while earlier, when creating Part 2. I decided to leave it alone, for this book also. It is the hardest thing to do, to write about yourself. I do feel my biography that I wrote about myself, is corny. But, what can you do. I did not want to dwell into the affair again. For now. But, it maybe changed in the future, but right now it stays as it is. Probably boring..

Till next time... Have a good evening...


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