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Did not find the silver bullet yet.

The silver bullet is long but far from the chamber of my colt 45. As an author, trying to get your book across to the masses, you wonder what public relations or marketing scheme will work. What silver bullet will pierce through the darkness of under exposure, and lighten up the room with sparks?

I have not found it yet. I am sure many authors have tried the same things I have done. Consignment may work if you live in cities with populations with over several hundred thousand. Lots of bookshops right at your doorstep. Personally, this is a trek for yours truly. Did not work, distance is too far. The gas costs would over ride my profits by a wide, wide margin.

Of course I have been utilizing the only thing, source, of true empowerment of sales through the internet. The new age media. The new age media probably was better when things were just rolling with it. Now, there are   10s of thousands of authors with book sites, blogs, and on social networking sites. Not only them, but millions others selling everything you could fill a house with and more. This is hard to get the message out, as your own message is drowned out within seconds of launch. I estimate maybe you get 3 to 4 views per launch of a thread in a discussion forum, anywhere. But, that is just my opinion. It probably would take a thousand looks before you got a bite on your book.

The sales thing is a hard sell. Reviews are one step. Good reviews can make it easier for people to purchase. Pricing is second. Some people would place it first. The genre is probably up there too somewhere, if you hit what the masses want at the right time and place. I was totally off of the genre allure, when producing my two books. Contests are also a must. Get a contest going. I was far behind the game, this should have been done with Part 1. But, due to my own fault at being a green horn to the business. My fault again.

The old media is probably still the best way to go. Newspaper ads, radio interviews, and even internet interviews can get you some great exposure. These things that I never had the gusto to try. I had great faith in the internet in equaling the forces of the old marketing ways. This is just not the case for yours truly so far.

It appears Part 3: Supermarketdominium will not be produced this January or February. The news is that the sales are too low. Miracles can happen? Well, still two or 3 months to go. I will wait until time rolls by till then.

Have a great evening, till next time...


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