Amazon warned me not to promote my own works in certain forums.

Amazon warned me today not to promote my work in certain discussion forums. I had a feeling I was over doing it, and I thought at the point of where I was standing, I might as well poke the dragon. Well, the dragon breathed fire at me. And, said the only place for that stuff was in the Amazon meet our authors forums.

I was dissing it out in the humor forums, where my book truly belongs. There are probably ways to get around Amazons rules, I will play later on. But it is comical how Amazon e mailed me to say they would take away my posting power if I continued the trend. I felt like I was in grade school again, and I am all grown up.

My book was being promoted where it should be. In a humor forum. People asking for, wanting, looking for good comedy books. Being socially conscious, and helpful, I decided to help these people get to the point a little faster than never. I put up a few Amazon links to my book in there.

God forbid it. An Amazon link in an Amazon discussion forum on a serious matter such as humor.

I guess I lose again.  And they say Charlie Brown never won a ball game. We kinda got something in common, Charles.  I never won at selling books..

Till next time...


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