Made a lobster salad the other day.

I made a lobster salad the other day. Here are the ingredients:

8 potatoes, peeled and boiled. (The peelings have allot of vitamins in them, but I remove them)
3 eggs, boiled, then sliced up. (The shells are good for calcium if you put them in, but I rather not)
Two 1 lb cooked lobsters, shell removed (The shells are hard to chew on, so remove em)
1/2 a cup of 1/2 fat mayonnaise. (Go for the real thing, if you are healthy)
2 tsp of mustard (Can't go wrong with this one)
1/2 tsp of tumeric (Good for your joints)
Dash o salt, dash o pepper. Mash the potatoes, chop the lobster up in fine pieces, mix it all together.
and, then, to top it off

Sprinkle paprika on top after mixing it all up.

It tastes delicious, and is simple to make.

It is the authors mid summer 'lobster claw got my book' salad....

Till next time...


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