As the books turn.

Thinking about all the work being put into the book business, so far on my end of things. To say that advertising on twitter every day, doing promotional work on the web, dealing with the book itself between me and the publisher, takes time away.

Advertising on twitter has actually become fun. It does take an hour or so a day, but after you catch on to some little tricks that cause a person to advertise less over time for the same bang for the buck or more as when first started. You learn little tricks, and it gets better as you go. And you do make new friends, so it is not as bad as what i thought it could have turned out to be.

Promotional work on the web. Well, first of all, without the internet or web, my book probably would have never have been published. The personal computer, labtop, or whatever you use, is power at your fingertips. It is truly amazing, what you can do with such a device. In the 1980s, 90s, my book would have probably been rejected by all traditional publishers (Maybe). Just that, the internet has made the avenue so much easier, to link up and to get business done. And to advertise to you, that it can be done easily. That is something else.

The Publishing process was great. At first, I was scared of it, as it was a new world to me. Now, that I understand the process a whole lot more, it is second nature.  As long as you are not left with thousands of books in a warehouse, as in a vanity type publishing house, there is no risk. The only risk you have, is just not selling your book if you are unprepared for that. It is up to you if you provide returns or not. Returns, can have the risk of too much stock in certain stores. I did not use the returns option, as I needed to know something that I still do not know about my book. Its sell / quality ability. I had a primary job away from the book world, thank goodness, as anyone printing a POD should know that there are only a few hundred of the 10s of thousands that do good. From what I hear on the internet street...

The book world revolves very slowly. The pages turn, ever 30 seconds or so? Is that how long it takes you to read a page?  I am thinking, that Part 3 or even Part 4 may not see the printing status. So far, things have been very, slow. I will take my advice from you, the reader. I have a few readers coming through, and I am waiting for the verdict. Good or bad.. That is where all the process lies in. Have a good day, till next time...


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