Twitter is becoming fun all of a sudden.

Twitter is getting to be allot more fun. I have been actually talking to some people on there, and you feel more of a community atmosphere than what it was when I first started. I have over 1400 followers, but have tweeted quite a bit. 8000 approx tweets, for 1438 followers. My average is not spectacular, compared to most people who tweet less than the followers they get.

But, this is all due to their knowledge of twitter land, and your willingness to experiment with it. I am quite content with the way it is going now, on twitter. I have actually heard words of support for my book, and someone who actually 'quite liked' my book on line. It all bodes, just allot better than when I first got on.

The only thing, I find the connections are slower and such. The program freezes up, during high loading periods. Maybe it is just my machine, or my connection to the internet, but I do find during high loading times (when many followers are being added to your list), my hard drive runs like crazy, and it seems as if the computer freezes up at times. But then, catches up, and gets back to normal.

I also find, that this week I have been getting allot of followers. More than usual. I have also found, that you can stay in the top tweets of channels, just by having a contest or something. It saves allot of typing work, in allot of channels, if you have something to offer twitter.

That is it for now,  have a good day.


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