Rise Of The Market Overlord Just about in Editing!

The Supermarket Guy II: Rise of The Market Overlord,  is just about in the editing phase. This has been pretty much a stress free ride, until I get the package back with all the errors and stuff I need to correct. I hope, that the flow is alright. That is my main concern, as what I understand maybe what you may not understand, that is happening in the book. Flow, is more important to me, than anything else.

Was at my friends for a bit of time, as a few are heading to Florida by car. 3 day trip, from Northern NB. I said my good byes, and thought about them and the long trip ahead. They probably will bypass New York, and Boston, in order to get down without much headaches and confusion. The road 95 looks to be the U.S. interstate highway of choice when heading down there.

I was nearly going to book a flight, to Florida, but I am afraid that much has to be done here at home. Not only the book, but other things on the money side which may keep me from spending the money at the time to go down there. If I find a way around it, maybe I could go this year. Depends also on commitments, and such. The last time I went to Florida was 3 years ago, and it was a last minute deal. We went to Orlando, and seen Disney and Seaworld. We did not have time to visit the famous Universal. If lucky, maybe next time. Depends on how things go, I guess. Well, I wish you all a good night... Till then..


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