Blowing snow at minus thirty makes you want to get into the house in a hurry!

Europe had a long cold spell in the minus 30s as well. We had it, every so often, a stretch of a few days then back to the somewhat milder weather.

In minus thirty weather, your hands get cold, right to the bone. Your face feels like it is going to fall off of your head! This is when it is windy, and blowing... And if you get some snow in your face, all of this may occur at a much faster rate. My friends in Russia know what I am talking about. It is important to dress very warm, when treking in Canada or to the North Pole. I had to switch gloves twice tonight, blowing snow in the cold wind. You come in, to take off a cold pair to put on a warm set. You just hope the utility does not lose power to your house. Then your hot water heater will become a good place to store beer! Well, that ain't so bad, isn't it now..

Besides that, my twitter is growing at a good rate. I have 24 friends, so far. I am following 80, or so. It is not bad, as I see my friends on face book nearly doing the same thing as I am on twitter. Just posting up daily habits and information. Well, time to go. I hope you all have a good night. Nothing new on the book front, but I should call Chapters to see if they sold any of my books yet. I may go down beforehand, to see where they placed them in the store. With my luck they taped them to the ceiling fan!  Till then..


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