Where are my Canadian fans?

It seems the majority of my viewers are from the Great U.S. of A,  Russia, Germany, and India.  Marvelous peoples of strong nations!!! Canada is slipping off the map for my support.  I think it is due to the donuts at Tim Hortons,  as they are too busy this time of  year eating away at those delicious Boston filled cream donuts...  Filling there heads with the coffee infused buzz from its delicious coffee...  Pigging out for the winter...  When you got a Tims in the neighborhood,  say goodbye to the internet,  as the village are scooped inside this building and they are trapped... They do not leave for hours at a time..  Lord have mercy on em.

We were once known as a nation of beer drinkers,  now...  donuts...  I will never change,  that is for sure!  Long live Doug and Bob McKenzie of the Great White North,  true Canadians forever !!!


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