Watched the rest of Airplane tonight!

Airplane,  the movie.  I watched the rest of it tonight.  Don't call me Shirley.  Right.  There was some funny moments that stuck out for me.  Of course,  I talked earlier about the hospital bit.  But,  whenever the nun began playing her guitar,  singing "Give me a little Respect",  singing it to the two black men in order to try to calm them down or make them feel good,   it was a classic. The fast strumming was something else.

Then,  Striker at the air controls,  thinking about plane crashes.  Old planes crashing,  world war 1 models, and even prehistoric model air planes that were crashing.  Does not give him much strength to land the plane.

And, of course,  the stewardess who said she was not ready to die when talking to the Doctor,  that she was not married yet.  And,  then other woman that came in,  and said,  at least I am married if the plane goes down.  That was one of those old gimmick jokes,  but a classic.  Then,  Striker lands the plane,  and his captain from the war is still talking as if he is there...  Very funny...  How many times in real life,  when we meet a talkative person on the phone,  and we just dump it to the side,  then come back after we do something and they are still yapping..  Funny indeed.

Still,  this Airplane movie was the beginning style for other comedies like Scary Movie.  Very crazily done. Some shock humor thrown in there as well. Without much realism to it.  It is a good style now and then,  but it differs from National Lampoons vacation or even Tommy Boy.  We all need different varieties ever so often.  It was great to watch it again..  Till then...


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