Watched 'The Big Year' Today...

Watched the Big Year today,  starring Owen Wilson, Jack Black,  and Steve Martin.  I expected a show with a strong laughter element to it.  It was totally opposite of what I expected, it was more of a heartwarming comedy than a burst out in laughter comedy.  It was nice to see a show without too much edgy content for a change,  though.  It did show some very beautiful picturesque areas all over the world,  as the three men embarked on a competition for to have The Big Year.  Who could see the most birds in a year.  It was a birdwatchers bonanza!  If you are a bird aholic,  then this show is for you!

I found it funny,  how one of my friends took to the moral of one of the themes in the show.  Owen Wilson was always missing important times with his wife,  especially a visit to a fertility clinic.  He got a call on the sighting of a rare bird,  he needed to see,  in order to keep up to the competition.  He then turned his car around that was heading towards the hospital, and then headed to find the rare bird,  making up excuses after excuse for missing so much time with his wife.  Well,  you can guess what happened in the end.  But, my friend took to the opposite meaning,  as if she should have understood his work was more important to him than her.  I thought,  time with her was more important and was one of the underlining themes of the film.  Oh well...  I enjoyed his point of view.

This film is a general,  fun film,  to be enjoyed by everyone.  They even talk about a snowy owl.  A rare Owl that is seen only usually pretty close to the Arctic areas. Sometimes in the winter months,  they will fly down our way on rare occasion. I seen one with my wife,  while walking on Beresford beach,  a few years ago now.  Its wingspan was huge,  maybe 3 meters long, and it had a large body.  It was white as snow.  We must have been a hundred feet from it.  Talk about a rare treat.  It was swooping from gazebo top to gazebo top,  as we approached closer,  it continued to move farther away.  At any rate, I will conclude once again that it is an amusing film.  But,  it is not a laugh at your seams bust out movie.  Have a great night,  till then...


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