Visitors have left!

It was nice to have some visitors today,  and last night.  We went to see Travis Tritt,  in concert,  an American country singer.  I think he has more of the style of Waylon Jennings,  more of a rockabilly type country.  He played an acoustic concert.  It was the first time,  that I have seen 2600 people at an acoustic playing.

It was just himself,  with his guitar.  And,  a stage man changing his guitars, depending on the sound of chords he wanted for the song.  He must have played for 2 hours straight,  and picked fast through his Trouble song.  He picked fast,  through a few songs.  To be quite honest,  it was very good.  Only,  after an hour,  it wears off on you.  I mean,  just the picking of the guitar,  for 2 hours straight can wear you out.  He did not take any breaks,  but just to tell an occasional story about his family life in Georgia,  which was quite interesting.  He had a country singer from Nova Scotia open for him,  who was quite a good impersonator of country greats like Hank Snow, Hank Senior Williams, Johnny Cash, and Willie Nelson.  He sang these great legends songs while changing his voice.  He does have a great voice without changing it to boot.  I must reinforce,  that it was a very good concert,  but the acoustic marathon can wear you down.  The father in law was with us,  and unfortunately,  I was driving,  so I could not get into the beer to fully absorb and appreciate the sound waves...

Now,  back to my book.  I do not see any price changes as of yet.  The E book should come down to 3.98 at any time.  I am surprised that in this day an age,  it takes long to set the price down.  It could be on the book sellers end,  I am not sure where the delay is.  My ten fans are steaming mad! I politely explain back that life is getting like having to do business with the government. Now, just think,  China is going to send a man to the moon in 2020.  And,  I cannot get my E book price reduced yet.  It is hard to believe the Chinese can do these huge tasks so fast,  and I cannot reduce my E book price yet due to administrative wrangles.  I am thinking of supporting the Chinese space program,  by putting my book cover on the side of the rockets fuselage.  Till then...


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