Visitors have arrived!

Visitors have arrived from Caraquet.  Father in law, and we just got done eating breakfast.  They loved my eggs a la chives,  and holandaise sauce a la beurre.

As far as book news is concerned,  I have little to report.  I sent an e mail to Disney to check out the book,  to see if they could do a musical with it.  Then,  we can make a Supermarket Guy theme park,  a Supermarket Guy board game,  and A Supermarket Guy popsicle..    The options are truly endless.

There is a guy in Quebec,  Elvis Gratton,  who always thinks big!   Think Big,  and who knows,  you maybe surprised someday at what may be the outcome..  I have to go,  visitors are calling me to serve them German Chocolate Cake...

I will try to be back this evening,   till then!!!


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