The Ugly Dolls!

When I was a kid,  the little girls were going gaga over cabbage patch dolls.   Then,  I remember the Elmo craze.  There are all kinds of crazes,  out there.  I remember whenever a popular Playstation model was first released,  or the game cube,  and watch it fly off of the shelves.

I seen at a specialty soap store today the Ugly Dolls.  They are not really ugly.  I think,  everything is beautiful,  in its own way.  And,  that is from a song by Ray Stevens.  I thought,  with the different colors and choppy corners,   small ears, that they were actually cute.  Some were sticking out their tongues,  and some had one eye with the other eye with an X on it.  A great marketing idea,  and a product which is cozy.  Or friendly,  so to speak.

They have tot bags and pillows to boot.  Go to to check it out.  I think it will be the next fad,  yes,  even greater than my book!  My ten fans will not like me saying that,  but it is the truth!  No news on sales yet,  but I suspect it will be done soon... Till then..


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