Too windy and raining out to start a fire!

I took my pages out to the old barrel I had placed outside.  I began striking matches,  and they blew out in the wind.  I then took some gasoline,  poured it over my Part 2 of The Rise of the Market Overlord.  Then it started to downpour rain,  so much,  that I could not get a flicker of a spark from my butane lighter....  Talk about bad luck..  I took the wet pages back in the house,  and let them dry in the basement...  I am beat.

My wife is also pregnant.  This was actually planned,  and we did it in our own time line.  People would try to push us to have one earlier,  then we would say,  no not ready,  and then finally the surprise.  I was not even sure we could have any,  but,  it appears it is now 2 months past and things are going ok.  The wife gets a little nausea     at times,  or somewhat heavy cravings to eat all of a sudden.  This does not pose well for my hidden stashes of chips, bars, and other treats hanging around the house.  I will have to be smarter,  and hide them in the dog houses attic...

The only other good news I have,  is that Penguin Canada is now my friend on Goodreads.  This is something, as a publisher (someone representing or working for this publisher) came and offered their friendship.  I love the Penguin website,  and they do churn out some spectacular books.  William Shatner is releasing a book there,  not long from now.  Well,  I have to go for now...  I need a beer...  Have a great evening,  Till then..


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