Today I tested over 7 major equipment at work!

At work today,  I tested over 7 major equipment at work.  Most of them lube oil pumps, to ensure that they work when the other fails.  It is mostly due to insurance reasons, that we test these pumps regularly. When the pressure drops to a minimum, the other starts. Simple as that. It is much fun, and, in a rare occasion you can actually lead yourself into problems when doing these tests.  If one would not start, then they would have to put in place measures where the pumps will have to start.  Sometimes a re-arranging of logic may permit this.

Even valves that do not stroke right can mean a maintenance shut down in the near future. A shutdown gives us lots of work to do, in locking out hundreds of pieces of equipment.

Besides that, on the book front, two guys at work said and kept on saying they will buy one.  I am waiting. Patiently.  As, It seems as if I do have nothing to wait for...  My newest sales results will be only out mid November,  which is a stone throws away.  Now that I am off work, I hope to buy a book and get back into reading.  There is nothing more draining than a 12 hour day shift. Not that we work hard ( sometimes we do), but it is the thought that is required during our tasks that take allot of time.  Then at night, when coming home, I do not feel like doing too much.  Not even listening to country western radio!

Well, have to go shower up.  Have a good Hallows Eve Night... Till then...


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