Some authors are good writers and good story tellers!

I was thinking about this today.   There are some authors that are good writers,  and good story tellers.  There are others,  who can write very good,  while maybe their story telling element is weak.  Then,  of course there is a vice versa.  And,  the cover,  has to be honest, and on the back to the story that is inside.  The front has to push the story line.

This is how I will try to rate my future books.  I will give, a rating for story telling out of 5,  and a rating for the writers writing skills or prowess.  Then add them up,  and divide by two. I would knock off maybe a half a star for a poor cover or back cover description,  if it was indeed bad. No doubt,  Tom Clancy,  and Stephen King would probably be most of the time very high to excellent in both ranges.  Great story telling,  and,  great writing ability.

I like stories that have a kick to them.  I do enjoy,  every so often,  a mild book with no action in it.  But,  it is rare, and, I somewhat wonder if it is a true fault of mine.  I will try to grasp more,  at the soft novel types, to try to get into the habit of understanding the style or the art of a book.  This sometimes,  is much more important than being riveted to your seat with action or comedy.  I must try to change my composure of thought.. Till then..


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