A sale just after a sale occurs.

Did you ever go to a store,  buy something,  and the next day it comes on special!  This is just what happened to yours truly,  this past Thursday.  We have a Canadian Tire store ( Hardware, automotive),  a store that every man loves to shop in.  And,  big specials usually come out every week on tools.  And, of course,  the best part was that the wife always tells me,  "Wait till it comes on special.  Do not buy it now".  That echoes, again and again in my head,  like a slogan of my defeat in a crusade somewhere in a department store, where my credit cards are maxed out and I have only pennies in my wallet.  As I cringe down to defeat!

I bought two garage door openers,  this past Thursday,  at a price of 260 dollars each.  The next day,  they come on special,  at 199.  To my chagrin,  I realized I was duped out of 122 dollars,  then some tax on top of that.  Here in Canada we have a sales tax of varying degrees,  depending in which province you live in.  Ours is 13 %.

Now,  I have heard tell of people from work,  who took the items back with the receipt when such a sale was pending within a few days.  I will try this Monday,  as I am working these miserable night shifts,  which keeps me from keeping ahead of my duties around the house.   Working night shifts must be the worst to burn time away from your life.  You have to try to sleep all day,  then you do not feel like doing any business during the day.  Before,  I would try to do a little,  but now that I am close to 40,  I try to ease off as much as I can.

For my bad writing habits and changing the subject too fast,  no news on the book... Till then...


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