Not even halfway through the month, and my Blog has increased 100 % so far!

I would like to thank everyone for the viewership that I have enjoyed as of late.  Since this being the fall,  I think people are more inside and looking for things to do.  Once winter comes,  people will be hibernating in their bedrooms,  so I think my viewership will fall back again..  At least,  this is what happens in Canada..

Yes,  a 200 % increase in this month.  This means,  I got 100 % of my views over my best month thus far,  and it is not even the middle of the month yet...  I know it is somewhat speculative accounting,  but isn't this what Wall Street does...

I have seen the protests on the tv about Wall Street....  Very interesting,  and people have the right to protest.  Maybe,  short selling is getting to some people.  Maybe,  maximizing profits while undercutting labor is not the way to go...  Hopefully we will see some turnaround in the economy in the next year...  Hopefully... Till then...


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