No messages yet from the funny or die website.

I messaged allot of people in the funny or die website.  I never got any responses back.  I think it is like,  a zombie site.  At any rate,  it is a good, funny site and you all should go and have a look at it.

I sold 2 books again to friends at work.  They asked me to sign the book.  I could,  not believe my eyes,  but we could not find a pen anywhere.  In satisfying their pleas,  I responded that I would sign them if the book ever took off.  They believed it would take off.  I replied, that I was not so sure.   Looking back at the response,  with the 20 or so books I sold,  everyone said they liked it.  I did not hear of one bad complaint,  yet.  I am sure I will find one someday,  somewhere, sometime,  as you cannot please everybody.

To renew my website coming in March, at word press,  from Dog Ear,  will cost a 75 dollar fee.  My instincts are telling me to shut it down when that time comes.  I received my certification of The Supermarket Guy Part 2:  Rise of The Market Overlord,  yesterday in the mail.  It took less than 3 months to achieve copyright,  and that is after mailing it here from Canada.  I am at 4.2 % of the monies received to start Part 2.

My wife will not let me spend my own money,  to make another hole.  Unless I take her to Florida or Jamaica, or Yukon Canada..  Till then..


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