Need to get back into physical exercise!

We all think about it. Then,  we put it off.  It might be because visitors arrives.  Work commitments, or illness comes around.  Exercise is good for us all.  A brisk walk down a beautiful forested path,  or even a nice boardwalk in your very own town.  I have been putting it off,  for too long.  Been very busy in the last few months,  and I wonder if it is going to stop.

My mother always used to tell me,  keep drinking beer like that,  you will get a pot belly like your dad.  A "Pot Belly",  is usually what comes with drinking lots and lots of beer.  I do,  have a small one.  I always needed exercise to burn it off,  because I do eat allot at meals.   And,  I do,  unfortunately,  eat allot of salted goodies.  I am not much for sugar,  though.

My main character in the book is athletic, strong, and has no problem with a beer belly because he is highly active.  I think I wish I was more like him... This Sunday,  relatives will be visiting.  They want to see the latest movie,  starring Owen Wilson.  The Big Year.  I hope it is not a chick flick...  Till then :)


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