My dog is an intelligent life form.

My dog is truly amazing.  She shits outside, and pees outside.  And she asks to do it.  She also hides when it comes time to take a bath.  A dog that is afraid of water. As soon as we say the word 'Bath',  she runs under the bed.  She knows it is not right to sleep on the couch.  But she loves it so much,  and it is so comfortable, that she will sneak on the couch after I go to bed. I told her to get off the couch during daytime in her early years,  enough so that she never tries it in the day anymore. In the morning, if I get up early,  she jumps from the couch on the floor rapidly and moves to her bed on the floor.  If I get up late,  the dog already sneaked back to her bed on the floor.  She is some sly.  We luckily have a dog that does not chew up our furniture,  either.  A friend at work,  told me that those little buggers can hold their # 2 in for 14 hours..  I was skeptical, as I work 12 hour shifts.  I would take her out before going to work,  and when I got back home I expected a few accidents.  But,  for many years now,  I have none to report.  If we let her hair grow,  she looks like a Benji dog.

I am thinking of placing her as my manager,  in charge of my book affairs.  Depends what her negotiating tactics are...  My next poem will be about my Dog,  so you are all forewarned ; )  Till then...


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