My blog is up a whopping 80% !

Thanks, greatly to, the great people of the United States of America, my blog has gone up and astounding 80 % over my best months results.  My best months results, was, in September.

I just wanted to thank, everyone for taking a peek on here every so now and then. Once again, the book news is getting scarcer, as, there is not much to report as of late.

Part 2 is frozen in time. Waiting for much needed sales,  as the wife still will not allow me to fork over the mola for to print it off. She said I was being a wild spender, as of late... Spending money on beer, beer, and more beer...

She said,  if I could only stop buying beer, put the money in a can, I would have enough over the year to publish 3 books...  But, if I quit the beer, I replied,  where would I get my inspiration to write?  I guess, you can't win them all!

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween.  Here is a tip for all of the kids.  Use two costumes.  I did that when I was a kid one year, and got twice the treats.  The problem was, that I only caught on to it when I was 12.  Till then....


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