It is a good morning to pay some bills!

I have a few bills to pay today.  Seems like,  they never stop coming,  they pile up like fruit flies around some organic fruit.  I am sort of the old fashioned type when it comes to bills.  Most of my bills come through the mail, as I like seeing in front of me all of the charges and information.  Direct billing,  sometimes when you change a service provider,  they take an extra payment from you by mistake,  or even bill you extra for services that you never got.  It is a pain to go to the bank,  wait,  and get the information to change your service provider.  Sometimes it happens.  But,  if you intend to stick with your service for long periods of time, Direct billing is beautiful as well.  Just comes down to a difference of preference,  I guess...

On a positive semi positive note,  a journalist e mailed me for an interview about the book I had done.  He heard I had done a book,  about the Second World War.  I did not do a book,  about the WW 2.  My Dad is a veteran from that conflict,  though,  and told him he did a segment for the paper for November 11 th not to long ago about the Italian Campaign.  There goes my interview...  I wish I did do a book about WW 2.  There are allot of history buffs out there,  hiding among the masses...  More sales!  I guess I lost my interview...  Over mistaken book identity.. Till then...


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