How does the economy affect book sales?

I have always wondered how the economy  affected book sales.  As of now,  I believe there is minimal affect,  as it appears year after year,  thus far,  sales have been pretty much up from 2009 to 2010.  The Association of American Publishers,  there are numbers for 2010,  27.94 Billion revenues for publishers, an increase of 5.6 % from 2008.  They give figures for the units sold, up in 2010 at 2.57 billion units sold, up from 4.1 % from 2008.

A recession,  as they say,  never affect beer sales.  I believe anything that people really want, they will actually buy even during hard times,  with a small price tag.  Tim Hortons coffee can outlast any recession,  due to its brand image and pricing.  Books,  I believe also are low enough of a price,  that they can withstand a recession, as long as it does not spiral into a depression.  But is it an effect of having more choice, more variety, more publishers pushing their products...  There was increases in publishing houses after the 1950s at an astounding rate...  Maybe,  this helps for to sell more all around.

Books are not all that expensive,  whereas,  a recession mostly affects big ticket items like cars and furniture,  that people will leave to buy for another day when things get back to normal.  They say always have a good ceder chest full of money hidden in the back of your yard,  full of canned bully beef and some salted herring in case it all goes to hell in a handbasket!   I am just kidding...  They say save a bit for a rainy day,   maybe 3 months wages...  So some experts say.  Hopefully things will turn around in the next year or so.  All governments need to control their debt spending...  More debt means less ability to provide services,  as that debt creates higher interest charges which is money that does not go where it should go.  To the citizen.   Have a wonderful thanksgiving,  to my Canadian compadres...  till then..


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