How do you move a little shed around?

I was thinking about that for a few weeks.  A little shed stood in the way,  between my garage and the main gate to the road.  I even checked on you tube.  There,  I found videos of people dismantling the shed ( larger than mine),  then putting it back together again.  I found another,  where people used pipes underneath the shed and pushed the shed so far,  then set up the pipes underneath to roll  it again.  Finally,  of course,  there is the last attempt with,  a dolly or trailer set up.

Well,  I did not have a trailer,  so that was not on the front burner,  but on the mid burner.  I could rent one,  for a few hundred dollars,  or buy one for a thousand approx.  And, then it takes a special trailer to do this job.  Hopefully a flat one where the wheels are below the deck of the trailer.  Then,  was the PVC pipe thing.  I would  once again have to buy a bunch of pipe... I could use logs,  but,  to get a certain type of all the same diameter is not fun.  Chugging through the woods,  nah.  Dismantling it,  no way.

So I decided to make a sleigh.  A sleigh,  made all out of 2 by 6.  Two main rails 12 feet long,  tapered at the ends up, cut with my circular saw.  Then cross braced 5 times,  3 would support my main shed.  The other two, were doubled up and screwed with heavy screws, 6 each connection,  then 4 nails on each connection.

Then,  I just hauled up the truck once I got the sleigh (it fit right between the supports,  so I just had to jack and then remove the blocks of wood that it was jacked on),  remove blocks and let my truck pull it away.  I used a 4000 lb sling.  It was funny,  because in two wheel drive,  it seemed it would not budge.  I put it in 4 wheel drive,  and boys did that baby move.

After going back and forth,  pulling on one end,  then the other,  I got her all set up and leveled.  The only thing I would use this on is a small shed.  Mine was 8 by 8 by 10 high.  Still a heavy bugger.  I no way endorse the way I did it,  as it has to be built at the joints very strong.  If I could do it over,  I would have used some bolts.  I would never trust nails,  but with a combination of the screws I used,  I found it was the very best.  Nothing let go.

As far as my book is concerned,  life is boring.  I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Nation tomorrow.   Gobble Gobble away on that turkey,  with the beer hazel nut stuffing..  Till then..


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