Guys at work think it is funny to make sausage!

I told the guys at work,  or maybe my co worker told them,  that we were going to make some moose sausage from some of our Moose Hamburger meat...  Then,  one of our co workers opened up an episode of Seinfeld, with the crazy music playing in the background.  And they teased,  about doing making sausage,  saying that we could screw up the recipe big time.

Why not pay,  to get it all done?

The answer to that question,  is probably money and quality.  We can buy our own spices,  we can buy our own tubes,  we can grind our own meat.  And,  a good guy at work offered us a sausage packing machine...

My friend told me,  we can cut costs in half by doing it ourselves.  Lets say for 50 lbs,  for 180 dollars approx. you can get  it made into sausage.  Now, divide it in half for the job we can do.  We will save 90 dollars approx.  This,  with a few beer to boot..  So,  if the guys at work think we are funny having a sausage fest,  so be it..

Night shifts got me grumpy..  Till then...  Love my ten fans forever!


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