Done reading The Cat's Table

The book is definitely is well written. The cover, terrific. The book is, for the most part, about an 11 year old boy and his antics with his friends aboard the Oronsay. The 11 year old and his friends, sneak through the night, under the cover of darkness, over hearing stories in the night by passer byes. With all of this, it leads them into the knowledgeable loop of elders, and they make subtle questions in trying to learn what is truly going on aboard the ship. I must say, it was difficult to read in the mid section of the book.  The story line drags on, until getting much better towards the very end. But, it does go back and forth through time, like a memoir and autobiography style, as noted by the author. Mr. Ondaatje is a great writer, but for this book, I found the story to be plain until the very end.

I gave this book, 3 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.  Mostly, for the superb writing skills, and the loss of stars for the story line.  The cover, helped the ranking, as it was what attracted myself to the book in the first place.  I knew nothing about this author, to begin with.

Besides that, no news... Just that I must now decide on what other book too read.  I think this time,  A publishing on demand book may suffice.. Till then..


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