Book is all over the world now!

It is hard to believe,  how a book written by yours truly is available,  all over the world now.  I checked the other night,  and it is in spectacular Portugal.

When first writing it,  I thought it would be in the USA and Canada.  I never imagined it,  to be able to be found in Japan, Germany, India, China, France, Italy, Netherlands, and great England,  just to name a few.  It is not even,  translated into these languages.  Why would anyone with a different language,  even attempt,  to pick it up?

Now,  I tried to add up all these populations the other night.  And,  then you try to figure out the % of internet based people in all of these countries.  People who have access.  Then,  try to figure out the % who is looking for a book..  Interesting...

So,  internet connections,  lets say an average of 80 %  of the population has access.  Lets say my book is being sold to Europe, USA, England, Japan, China, India, ect.  I am estimating a possible viewership of 2.8 Billion.  Now at 80 %,  2.2 Billion.  Now,  those who looks for books...  I am estimating, 20 % of the population seriously looks for books.  Hum.. Am I right...  But,  then there is the language barrier..  This could slice the numbers down,  dramatically.

Lets say we do not take into consideration the language barrier..

440 million viewers..  For books...  Am I right.. Probably not..  But it is amazing,  how it is all over the world. When you see,  only 2 copies left,  in certain areas,  I wonder what is going on.  When I see several used copies for sale,  I wonder,  what is going on.  As,  everywhere on every site I see this.  But,  yet I have not generated much of any sales...  I will keep my ears wide open....  Till then :)


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