The authors famous "Things are looking up" seafood chowder...

Here is a recipe that I have been doing for quite a while lately. It is when you get a few more sales than expected,  on your book.  It is called,  the "Things are looking up Seafood chowder"

First  cut 6 potatoes, dice into cubes.
then, two carrots, dice into small slices.
then, and onion, dice up.

Put the three in the pot, add 1/3 rd a can of carnation milk. No creme here, sales are not that strong!  Then, add two cups of water.  let all the ingrediants boil,  then do two or three rounds of salt,  2 rounds of pepper.  Two dashes of thyme, a dash of celery salt ( Adding too much of these will overtake the taste of the chowder completely,  and ruin your sales success feelings).

Then, let boil for 15 minutes,  then add some fish.  What kind of fish.. It only matters on what you have locally.

I added first, clams ( hardest texture first),then, I added lobster ( second hardest texture), and scallops, let boil for 10 minutes.  Add a cup of water for each ingredient... Then,  add a bit more salt, and pepper...

Then, I added the softer fish.. I added some shrimp,  then at last the cod.  The cod will not smash apart as bad at the end of the boiling period.  I let boil another 5 minutes.  But at this same time,  I added a cup of water with two tsp of cornstarch.. To thicken her up..

Then eat a bowl for each sale you have made..  Till then!


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