The authors famous "Stuck at zero Chicken soup".

This is a lovely recipe,  for all those authors whose wife is sick with the flue.  And,  especially if sales are way down.

Brown 10 drumsticks in a pot.  Drain grease afterwards..
add water,  boil 5 minutes,  then add carrots and turnips,  since they bring that much needed color in an authors life.
put a quarter teaspoon of celery salt.  Too much will overtake the broth,  like pirate sales of e books.
add a full teaspoon of salt,  and likewise,  pepper.
a little parsley for decorative thought.
a little bit of marjoram leaves,  quarter teaspoon.
once turnips and carrots have boiled for 10 or 15 minutes,  add cubed potatoes,
with onions..  to hide our tears from weak sales results from our family members.. Get close to that onion and cut it deep... cook another 10 minutes.

Then,  add some spinach in the last 10 minutes of the boil...

I put about a small bowl of each major ingredient,  but you can vary the amount for the consistency you want to achieve...  It works very good without the spinach,  also..
And voila,  you have,  the Stuck at Zero Chicken soup!!  Eat your heart out, Jean Pare..!


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