Wrote a half page on Part 3 last night.

After the grieving, now and then, I just mustered up a little bit of writing on Part 3 last night. I need to get my mind back in the swing of things. I am still lost for the ending, as I led it in to another situation as of late. I needed to lengthen it out, as I did not foreseen it being that short. It is still good enough to publish, but I like to achieve approximately 200 pages in length per book.

Part 2 of The Supermarket Guy: Rise of the Market Overlord,  is well more than 200 pages. The countdown is on to its publication, as long as there is no big problems that arise in my life, again.

Part 3 is probably around 175 pages. I am still chugging away at it, and luckily, it seems to be coming along very well. But, the ending, had to be stretched. And, I need an ending. Hopefully it will come to me, later on... Have to do some business with a burial later on today. I want to wish everyone a great day, and I will talk later on.  Till then...


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