The wife has got to drive!

I drank a few beer, too many today. Looks like the wife has got to drive! Too bad!

Well, it is not as if it is a shock. She never drinks, and if she does, she has maybe just a small glass of vino. Myself, I drink a few beer, to get rid of the toxins in my body. I think the alcohol has, indeed, a scientific cleansing effect.

It is also, contrary to belief, does not kill brain cells. My mother used to tell this to my father, all the time, on the holidays. It actually makes, more mental activity go on, to help solve, some of our most dynamic world problems..  The Prime Minister of Confederation, Sir John MacDonald, also had a few shots, to help him solve the dynamic problems of a new country, called Canada... God bless his soul..

Once again, Merry Christmas... My blog is on target for just coming even with my best months results. This is hard to believe, as I expected much smaller results due to the busy times of the holidays..

Once again, great thanks, and keep the sleigh between the poles!  Till then...


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