Watched Tin tin last night!

I went with my French relatives, to go and watch Tintin last night. Stephen Speilberg did a great job, with this production of the French Classic cartoon series. The cinema was just about, nearly full. I do understand a little french, so I went to check it out.

The best part of this show for myself, was the motorcycle scene, where he was driving down the hill side town in Morocco, and things were literally falling apart on him. The computer animation, is indeed, something to behold. As, it does appear, nearly like real life. The captain, the story, was, indeed a 4 out of 5 stars for me.

It is just, sometimes, the way Tin tin got around some of the barriers in his way, was a little to simple for a writer, like myself to understand. It is easy, when writing, to get out of a situation by creating a simple way out. A big dog, for instance, being scared of a small dog.  It is not, just realistic to me, unless I am missing something with the canine element.

I have to go to boxing day shopping today, I want to wish you good luck, if you do go out into the insane crowds.

I had no time to do work on my Part 2, as family is still here creating allot of wild distractions.. God love them.. It is nice to have some visits.. Till then..


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