Watched Sherlock Holmes Part 2...

Watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie, Part 2. You have to love, the gradual revealing of things as the certain peril is seemingly, going to take place.

Sherlock, definitely has a skill, for to see the most non obvious clues, and put them together to get out of a situation. Once again, the ability to preset yourself up by seeing clues left behind by your adversary, for to get out of a perilous future situation when you meet again, is what this film is just about, about. Like a game of chess, perhaps, thinking of the next move, and his next move.

I personally liked Part 1 better. But, this film is alright, and intriguing. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Did not have much time to work on Part 2, of my book. It seems, I have fallen behind. I have only corrected 20 % so far. I was looking to be, honestly, done by now. I will need to crank up the speed, hopefully by next week.  Have a great night, till then...


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