Turkey is being thawed out overnight!

The turkey has been thawed out in water all night, in the sink. It is an 18 lb turkey. Cooking time is a half hour per lb, at around 325 F.

It meant, I had to get up early this morning to check it out. The stuffing recipe will be from scratch, using some summer savory, bacon, and some hamburger.

It will be cold today, also. One of our relatives is bringing a piano, to play some piano music. I will have to drink lots of booze to drown out the keystrokes... I am sure it will be ok..

Maybe I may have time to write, or correct, some of my book of Part 2, as they will only be here at 5 pm. I could do this now, as we prepare some stuff for supper.

I wish you all a very, Merry Christmas. I hope it is a good time of reflection, with friends, past failures, past successes, and of much future goodwill.


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