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Time to put up Christmas lights!

Will have to put up some Christmas lights today. The neighborhood is starting to put them up, already. Some areas of the province, and I am sure throughout the world, will look a little like Disney land for awhile. And, it is for the kids, of course, but I do enjoy some peoples presentations. It sure is beginning to be that way, as the decorations when I was young was limited to a few plastic mold Santa Clauses those old bright lights.

Now you have the led lights, you have blow ups of reindeer, snowmen, white deer, moose, bears, anything you want you can have. It has truly become a spectacle to see, just to take a walk down your lane, or a drive down the road. People are imaginative, and in some municipalities, contests are held for the 1st, 2nd, third best decorated houses. Some houses are just clustered with lights, and it makes you think about the hard work they done to do such a piece of enjoyment for everyone to see.

There was a time where I thought the practice of putting up lights was, materialistic. I thought it was not celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, and I wondered why people put up those silly lights on their houses, just as many of you probably still think about today. This was when I was a teenager. Then, I realized, that it is more of a celebratory feeling than anything. Celebrating, showing, demonstrating, giving a smile to people who pass by, watching the decorations from the road, flicker and glitter.  I realized, if New Orleans can have a Mardi Gras, if Disney can have fireworks every night, then what we were doing here was sure nice. I came to the conclusion that, it was a gift for others to see.

It surely breaks up the monotony of winter. It puts as all in a good mood, to see those lights. I have here, two reindeer, a snow man, a tree covered with lights, and a few side lights as well.  Oh, and a wreath with lights. My house is not totally covered with lights, yet, but maybe in the next week I will make sure my house is seen from the space station... Have a great day, Till then...


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