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Strange how things are not so apparent

I remember doing a small blog on the song, Pumped Up Kicks!  The song has a really good beat, and, without knowing the lyrics, I thought it was a song about kids playing and such. This song was done by, Foster the People.

But, I guess it was about an unfortunate shooting event ( I am guessing fictional), somewhere where this Robert kid goes on a shooting spree. And, you cannot outrun bullets, and he has a quick hand. Some people I know, who are very sensitive (care bears?), once learning what the song was about, stopped listening to it. I do not think they should stop listening to it, as you cannot shut your ears off to, this sometimes violent world, or ignore what is going on out there at times.  If we pretend the problem does not exist, how can we correct these situations.

What we have to do, is to be more accepting, of everyone. Bring them into your circle of friends, even if they are not normal or not up to a certain standard. The only standard people should have, to receive a hello, or a handshake, is that they are human. I remember just getting a hello from someone, a stranger, on the street, sometimes does a world of good. Courtesy, does a world of good. When I watch videos of people walking in the big cities, it is amazing how they pass by thousands of people in an instant, and probably not receive one hello. It probably would burn people out to do it there, and this is understandable. But, in a less traffic of an area, a hello is a nice thing to do. Back to the song..

I still like the snappy beat, and, I personally will listen to it now and then. But, it sure does not make me a happy camper, any more. My thoughts of a soccer field are gone, kids playing, my original thoughts of the song.  It will be put in the classification to my dreary tune list. I got a few of them too.. That is all..

Besides that, not much new. I will try to do a little bit of book correcting today for Part 2. It is still windy here, and the snow will come tomorrow in full force, for Northern New Brunswick. I hope you all have a very good afternoon, till then....


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