Snow here for Northern New Brunswick

Snow today here, in Northern New Brunswick. Rain for tomorrow. I was looking for a literary agent, but, it is as difficult as finding one to suit your needs, as it is trying to find a run of the mill traditional book publisher. They have stacks of papers, e mails, and may only respond to you in 8 weeks. They usually take between a 10 to 15 % cut on a deal. Now, this would be between the book and a film producer, to get it into film.

It is no doubt, going to take a miracle to get that idea moving. At times, I do not expect, success, but I know there is a small chance. I wonder at times, if I am too biased of myself. You always wonder, if you are going in the right direction. I think it is good, as a person, to re evaluate your direction in affairs. You can then tweak your ship, change the rudder direction, and then sail for a faster port of call.

This day, I would like to thank Russia for the views they have been giving me on here. For the past 3 months, it has been outstanding. Once again, they are out performing the other countries for visitation, even the USA. My own country, Canada, has been stuck in the  snow! The USA is still my number one total viewer. This is like the Russian and USA competition, right on here! But, a pleasant one! Russia is soon going to try to take out the USA on my site, in total views. I have to thank the USA for their tremendous support as well! If I do a world tour, I will do Canada last, but USA and Russia first!


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