Snow as expected, 10 or more centimeters down!

Will snow the rest of the day, in Northern New Brunswick. Although, there is rain reported down towards Bas Caraquet.  It could change to rain here in the afternoon, as the temperature is hovering around the zero mark.

Wet snow. Not fun to move.

Worked on my book (Part III) last night, wrote another 3 pages. The only thing I am worried, about, is the ending. I wonder if I did not explain enough, does it have enough drama and excitement?  Certain elements like the main building where the action is taking place. You wonder about this often. Does the reader really care, about, a real fine explanation of the whereabouts on how to get to a certain place. Or where the elements or structures are in the building. I am hoping not a great deal, as I am trying to incorporate the descriptions of inside the building as simple as I possibly can. I think you can get into boredom if you go too far, in mentioning about the finest details. I am also, hoping that I am not being to slack on the descriptions as well. I have a bad habit of racing, through the descriptions though. I must watch my writing speed.

I always worry about the endings. In Part 2, it was the same thing. I know it is unbelievable, some aspects, but I always wanted to try to maintain a possible belief that the action could really happen in real life. As crazy as they unfold, somethings may not be considered a  possibility across a readers spectrum.

Well, off to shovel. Have a great day, till then..


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