Rejected by Nelson Literary Agency...

Just got rejected by Nelson Literary Agency. At least, it was fast. At least, they e mailed me back. At least, it was polite. At least, it made me feel alright... Because, at least I tried... They did mention, someone else might take me on, and that it just did not suit their portfolio.  I understand completely. Rejection is easy to come by, in this game.

Well, these things happen. I expect them to happen, again and again. You see, I am the dark horse. I am the horse, that is exposed to stay in the barn and eat black straw. But, I am looking to get out. I am not probably the most beautiful stallion out there. I will kick until I smash a way out of the barn, and hit the tracks racing wide open. Once I get on the track, I will never look back. Because, I can get the job done. And cross the finish line, before the rest.

Someone out there, will find it. Someone out there, will bridle it. Someone out there, will tame it. And bring it to a pinnacle.

Maybe someday, an agent will knock on my door. Miracles, can happen, maybe. Just maybe.  Have a great night, till then...


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