Part 3 is humming along.

Part III,  "_________",  of The Supermarket Guy is coming along good. I will write some more today, as the time permits. Only, I fear, it is not as lengthy as first conceived. I will analyze what to do, as I continue to race, maybe to fast, to the finish line.

Car insurance came in today. It is a depressing time for it to arrive. Just around Christmas, when so many bills must go out already.  We pay for something that we hope, we never have to use. Just for, the terrible event someone rams into me, or just hope I never ram into anyone either. This is all about chances. What the chances are, of this or that happening. Maybe a negligible amount, but who can take a chance without it.

I heard tell of a person that drove without a drivers license for years. Therefore, he had no car insurance. And, I do not imagine he traveled to far out of the village, either. Just imagine, getting away with that, for over 20 years? Not paying the license, insurance, but what about the plates? The inspection would be easy to get, as no one looks for it to be insured at the garage. And, hardly any police on the roads to patrol that area. No wonder.

Ahh, the life of Robin Hood! I wonder if there is still a few of those around, anymore? I know with technology, it is harder to do...  Till then...


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