Part 3 is 99 % finished.

Part III of, The Supermarket Guy "subtitle is top secret", is 99 % finished. The ending is done. The length is there to support the body of the book. The ending has to do with three people near death. Even due to the sad circumstances, it is a light, hearty, ending. I am glad, somehow, I found it. It was actually during sleep, I found the answers. Strange how some things work.

It is going to live up to the expectations of Part 1, 2, and 3, and they do all link together finely. I am very much satisfied. I just need to polish 2, and 3 up a little more.  Polishing, in my view, has to do with going into what you have written to see if it all binds together very well. Sometimes, polishing can add 5 to 10 pages alone, to a piece of work.

Here in Northern NB, the snow has lightly fallen on the ground. I am glad we did not get the rain they had forecast.

The book store in Bathurst sold out in my book. I need to replenish the supply. 


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