My first buying Reiker shoes

My wife told me that Reiker shoes were from Germany. I looked on the internet, and it does appear the origination was from the Black Forest in Germany, by Herr Heinrick Reiker (courtesy of eHow style). Still a family company, they have operations all over the world.

The shoes are, incredibly light, and for a winter shoe, very comfortable. My wife tells me they will last a long time. I like Clarks as well, and Rockport, but to find a nice winter shoe is sometimes a hard feat. The Reiker seemed to fit the bill, and the style was with two side zippers. I am not used to the zipper things, as I always had laces for my boots, but it makes for a nice change.

They have an antistress system, where the load of the foot is more distributed throughout the sole. And, the shoe is, as they announce, light. I say, it is light as nearly a feather, compared to all the other shoes I wore over time.

Will try to work on my book a little today, as some bills must be paid first. It is windy, and cold, now in Northern New Brunswick, with a dusting of flurries to boot. The weekend, is calling for massive snow storm. The weather reports are so finnicky, that it could change at any time.. Have a super day, till then...


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