It is time... Time to decide...

I think the time has nearly come. I think time reveals all answers to many of a question asked. I ask myself a question quite often lately.

Will I produce Part II,  "Rise Of The Market Overlord"?

I think time has much answered that question for me, right now. I am 95 % sure, of producing Part II, "Rise Of The Market Overlord".

This is due primarily, not to great sales news. It is due to; A. People that bought it loved the cover. B. People loved the story.  C. People found it funny.

This will, indeed, be my last writing venture. It will probably be, my last humor novel. It will be started in mid January, as long as no serious problems arises with my private life. That is why I always keep a 5 % close to my chest, as we can never tell, the future.

Will I go with the same publisher?  I will talk to them, give them a first chance. It will be released approximately on the same date as, Part 1.

Part III, "___________",  may never be released. This one, has to have the sales backing of the first two books to be published.  I maybe not making money on these two books, but that is the end of the line. For a Part III "__________" to be released, to be unveiled, I must have fair sales for the first two books..

My book of Poetry, may never be released as well. Once again, depends on sales. I am a poor salesman at books, but, if through some miracle, who knows?  Right?

So, as of now, you heard it from the horses mouth. Part 2 will be released, unless that 5 % chance of rain happens... But the weather for the most part, appears clear... Have a great night, till then :)


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