Hey brothers!

Listen brothers! Just wanted to tell all you Supermarket Maniacs, that Part III is coming along fine.

I am near to its completion. It is flowing well, and, it maybe available in, 2013.....

You got to hate, that 13 on the end of it.. But, the Mayan Calender says 2012 is the date.. But I think no one knows the time... I think it will come as a big surprise.. Like, when in 2000, when the programmers made allot of money off of the 0 thing... Nothing happened..

It was exposed to be, a heck of a time... Power failures, computers gone wild!  Well, here we are! There is only one guy who can save us from 2012... It is Harold, The Supermarket Guy... He is great, I wish I had half of his brains..  Till then...


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