Funnest response for my book ever!

I do not think I will ever forget the funnest response for my book ever! A lady who works at my workplace, was  sizing us up for jackets received for a safety award. I also brought up a donation for a charity at work. She took the donation, and then went with her friend for me to try on a jacket. After the fitting, I asked the question.

How did you like the book?

She laughed for a good ten seconds, put her hand over her mouth, and then laughed some more, and finally revealed "It was some funny, it was so clearly done!".  They then went on to say that I should have sold the book at the workplace during break time. I was not up to that, as I felt that at work, it would just be more of a sort of charity again. I did have in the past some pretty good responses as well, but I found this one was the best, as she was laughing just thinking about it.  I reinforced the usual saying, that I always say "Are you sure, you liked it... It is ok, you can always say you do not like it, I do not really mind at all"  But, she said, she enjoyed the book very much, found it very funny.

And, that is what a day can bring. This was good news, as it helps me more to decide what to do with Part 2, and even to continue on with Part 3.  Have a great night,  till then!


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