The ending is coming along for Part 3

The ending is coming along well for Part 3. I have put in a few more scenes, and it is developing well. I need to read over Part 2, and get it ready for the presses for January. It is going to be a hectic time. If all goes well.

I soon will call the publisher, to send him the information required to start. I soon will be sending the cover page, for them to work on. This will be done by mid January, or sooner, for the starting point. I have not decided on an E book for this version. It depends how well the first one goes, during this process. If I do decide on the E book, it will be priced this time,  close to the first or Part 1 price of 3.98.  A price of a Starbucks coffee!! 

If one thing is noticeable, during the writing of Part 2, and then Part 3, maybe the humor has vanished a bit at a time, as each part has been written. Maybe not so much in Part 2. I worried about this somewhat. I was hoping I could find, funny circumstances, funny events, that could warm a heart. I cannot rely like some people, on funny jokes, but on funny or weird circumstances. But, maybe the idea vault is finally drying up. It maybe a time to go in a total new direction with my writing... I hope, though, to stay the course. I have lots of time to polish Part 3, at any rate. A full year.

A part 4 maybe in the works, but, it maybe a type of before the Supermarket world. High school version. I could go on, as this ending for Part 3 does provide for a Part 5. I did not think it would lead in that direction at all. But, there it is. You never can tell, what turn or direction you will find in life. Today, it is a marvelous, warm day, with a minus 1 in Northern New Brunswick. Warm you say (My Floridian visitors drinking their slushies). Snow, or rain tomorrow.. Have a super day,  till then....


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