Did not have time to write the last few many days.

A family tragedy definitely slows a person down. I had no time to write over the last few days. I had no time to get a few things done around the house, in the last few days. I need to even go tomorrow to make some funeral arrangements.

There was even, a special seminar given by Kevin Eikenberry, one of Dog Ears most famous writers. He actually did sold good enough one day, that Amazon had to shut down the site for awhile.  It was a 95 minute seminar, for free, on how to improve your business and sell.  It was free, and I was dealing with going to one hospital to the other at the time ( one hospital 3 hours away).

I will try to get to that this afternoon, and listen to the full thing. I think everyone hopes, that some bad things in life, hopefully never changes a person. I hope it only changes myself for the good.  My comedy poetry, as shown above, has taken a hit. I did not feel like changing the poem at all in the last few days.

Last night, after meeting some family, I did get a chance to check my book on Amazon. Uk.  There, the E book has risen up the ranks quite a bit, from nearly last place to 160 to 193 fiction books. It was always in the 188s, but the change in price probably helped. 3.98 is, probably less than the price of a Starbucks coffee.

Have a great day,  till then...


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